Switched it up on you all!

Nothing beats being a woman, like switching things up. This motd was inspired by the New Orleans heat! It’s sooooo hot Fashion Dolls. What’s on my face today?

Kindness is Fashionable 

Dress cute✅

Breathe fresh✅

Work done✅

Kind to others❌ 

I ran into a situation where I was kind at a meeting and a colleague verbally cut me. My reaction was professional. However, I was angry that the situation even happened. This person was older and I expected her to act in kind. She told me flat that, “she’s not changing for anyone.” She leads an organization in our community but refused to lead by example. 

I took a step back and after consulting with other memberd of our organization, they reminded me that her personality shouldn’t prevent me from continuing to give and do my best. So, moving forward. The act of kindness doesn’t cost us anything. In your careers, you will find people who are unhappy and transfer those feeling onto your front door. Use a kindess broom and sweep those negative ways off of your kindness front porch. 

Live with Kindness, it’s fashionable!