What’s New @ Sephora

Urban Decay Vice lipsticks, so many colors hot damn! Good price point. Color shades are listed! The item has a 4 star review.  Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium💋💋 Anastasia Beverly Hills: Limited Edition Glow Kit😘😘 Sephora Eye, Face & Lip Palettes – on sale! Was $34, now $25.00😎😍😘😘🏌

Epic Fashions in a movie: Under the Cherry Moon 🍒

Prince: A fashion Orgasm What else can be said of a man with as much sex appeal as Prince has/had😒. Baby, Fashion Dolls, I was over come with so many juicy emotions, while watching Under the Cherry Moons last night. The movie was good, fashions excellent, sexy people & Prince Rogers Nelson was the cake…

True Fashion! 

Always classy, never trashy! American fashion houses could learn a lesson from the British houses. That’s all! 

What I am not a fan of: over done foundation and such

We can have a loving conversation about this. The over application of foundation is a trend that needs to end in 2016. If your foundation is applied so heavily that we can’t see the link simplisticly from your face to your brows, then you’ve gone too far! Five makeup trends that need to die in 2016!…