Day: July 3, 2016


New colors from Jeffreestar Cosmetics 

He always seems to push the lippie envelope & I am here for some of it.  The color: Queen Bee, if I purchased it, would have to be mixed with another color. Ijs! Nude Beach is cute Watermelon Soda os different 👁 714 looks like a call girl hotline area code, lol I’m thinking if my virginity was that color, nope more like red … Read More New colors from Jeffreestar Cosmetics 


Fashionable Writing: Lamy Fountain Pen 

I really love it! My Lamy fountain pen, that is. Sometime ago, I mentioned that I am in some facebook planner groups. Most of the members do not use a fountain pen. I was introduced to the fountain pen idea, after going to a cute pen boutique in the French Quarters called, Papier Plume. They have a treasure trove of items for agendas, pens, … Read More Fashionable Writing: Lamy Fountain Pen 


11 things about Hermes

Getty images Via Harpers Bazaar 2015:  11 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT HERMÈS 1) The name. Thierry Hermès founded the fashion empire but the name Hermès also comes from the Greek god of messengers and commerce. (via About) 2) The house. The house, which began as a harness and saddle maker, has been in existence for 177 years. 3) The stores. There are 315 … Read More 11 things about Hermes


I am always appreciative when I am able to be blessed to attend events. You never know who you will meet. My truck was hit and I have been struggling. However, I pushed my way through and met my cousin Ceral Ann at the Windsor Court Hotel for her birthday celebration. While there, in walks Lady Oprah Winfrey. She blessed us wih her presence … Read More 


Happy Sunday with Questions

Happy Sunday, thank God for another day. Getting to know me & you. I have some questions and I hope after I answer, you’ll reply back with your answers.  Where are you from? New Orleans, Louisiana 2. How would your best friend describe you? Festive, caring, bold, outspoken 3. What’s the nicest thing someone has done or said about you recently? They appreciate me😘 … Read More Happy Sunday with Questions

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