Month: August 2016


Movie Review from Fashion Lane: Suicide Squad ✍🏽

Suicide Squad:  It left me wanting more. I wanted to know more background info about each character. Harlequin is the breakout star. They are awesome as a complete package.  I can’t wait for the sequel. 

Pushing through Parenthood with children on the Autism Spectrum 👪

If you don’t know by know, a lot of my inspiration comes from my life experiences.  It is therapeutic for me and I hope reading these will give you your Ah! Moment🔜 Today is the 1st day back for teachers. Last week was crazy. Lambchop (our son) had 2 meltdowns on me……He wanted a break from me and I was sad about it😒 Lambchop … Read More Pushing through Parenthood with children on the Autism Spectrum 👪


Kid meltdown; working through mommyhood😒

Today, was my day!  Kid had a meltdown cause husband playing catch me & kids wasn’t done having fun.  Kid has to go to camp. Dad must go to work.  Me: thinking: this is gonna end bad!  Dad forgot the rules of the house.  Pack kid up and leave quickly. But! Nooooo! He just had to have playtime @ 7:30am.  Thus, leaving me to … Read More Kid meltdown; working through mommyhood😒

Other Blog post: Helping children through meltdowns👁👪

⚜In my field, kids have meltdowns frequently. What happens to kids during this stressful time? They lose complete control over their emotions for whatever reason they are faced with. The main thing to understand is kids are learning. They have not mastered the art of social skills. The art of controlling their emotions isn’t fully developed at this time.  Keep in mind, kids will … Read More Other Blog post: Helping children through meltdowns👁👪


Daily bubble bath 

Don’t really know why, but the mind and the body loves a bubble bath. For the body it’s a happy place to be.  Sarah Jessic Parker, was on Rachel Ray today and said, the shower is where she is most creative. I tend to agree.  Enjoy the most fashionable prepping place to be: the bathtub! 

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