Movie Review from Fashion Lane: Suicide Squad βœπŸ½

Suicide Squad: 

  1. It left me wanting more.
  2. I wanted to know more background info about each character.
  3. Harlequin is the breakout star.
  4. They are awesome as a complete package. 
  5. I can’t wait for the sequel. 

Pushing through Parenthood with children on the Autism Spectrum πŸ‘ͺ

  • If you don’t know by know, a lot of my inspiration comes from my life experiences. 
  • It is therapeutic for me and I hope reading these will give you your Ah! MomentπŸ”œ
  • Today is the 1st day back for teachers. Last week was crazy. Lambchop (our son) had 2 meltdowns on me……He wanted a break from me and I was sad about itπŸ˜’

Lambchop has Autism. He’s almost seven years old. I am a veteran special education teacher. Most people believe it’s easier, when you have that title. It’s a conundrum, quite frankly. I have not met a parent of a child with Autism, who is also a special education teacher. Most times I feel isolated by it. The rest of the time I wear it as a badge of honor. 
God chose me to parent this beautiful soul, when he knew I was teaching children with Autism. God has a sense of humorπŸ˜‰ He knew the road I was traveling to become a special education teacher years before our son was born. He was preparing me. 

So… Husband took over Sunday, so I could run out for school supplies, etc. Saturday was my calming effect from earlier that week. This weekend was crazy busy. Next weekend will be calmer, I’m claiming itπŸ’ž

Parenthood is not a spectators sport; it’s a long triathlon! It’s wonderful to have a spouse who can hold your hand through it allπŸ’™πŸ‘ͺ

What can you do when your overwhelmed by a task or circumstance?

  1. Remember it is just a wrinkle in time.
  2. God will iron those wrinkles out.
  3. Ask for help!
  4. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  5. God created the heavens and earth in seven days. 
  6. don’t panic about what you cannot accomplish in one day. 
  7. ⚜Remember! Practice makes perfect. 


Lioness Stargazer πŸ’ž