What I liked:

  • Color fits my skin tone.
  • Smells OK! Not a floral, smell, which is why most women love Chanel and Lamer. The scent of their items sell the products, as much as the content of the product itself.
  • Nice attempt to include other shades that fit women of color.
  • The powder puff is cute.
  • The packaging is appealing.

What needs improvement:

  • The only issue is the color is once again limited to a shade demographic.
  • It does not open up to the other women of color with varying skin tones.
  • The container should be as sophisticated as the puff that comes with it.
  • I want to be able to open the box and fall in love with the packaging, as well as, the product.
  • Whatever ingredient that is included to hold the shine, you need more of it. (I had to apply twice after my initial makeup application).

All in all, I like the product. Laura, we need more for the many shades of women…


Lioness Stargazer


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