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New Item Rollout from Storybook Cosmetics.

While this is a company I have very little knowledge of. They are known all over social media for their, Storybook Theme Cosmetics.” I am in love with just the name of this company. The have their wand/magician makeup brushes, which are adorable.

  • “This set of five magical eyeshadow brushes have cruelty-free synthetic bristles and gorgeous gunmetal alloy handles. They arrive in a custom velvet wand pouch for safekeeping.” 
  • The Pricing on these brushes are $55.00. 
  • You can only order up to 3 per order. (sad face). 
  • More Details:Shipping costs in USD:

    USA: 1 set = $7.50, 2 or 3= $10.50
    CANADA: 1 set = $12.50, 2 or more= $18.50
    EVERYWHERE ELSE*: 1 set = $18.50, 2 or more= $25.00

    They said, ” we can’t accept returns of used cosmetics or cosmetic tools and orders may be shipped in a bubble mailer for cost and customs reasons.”

If you are going to purchase let me know how everything went. Don’t forget to follow me @4373fashionlane on all social media.

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