Frederick Douglass, Yale University, Summer 2017.

As an educator (ELA, History), it was profound and enlightening to know I was selected to attend Yale University this summer to explore the Life and Writings of Frederick Douglass. I have spent a week on campus, exploring, learning and living through the mood, feelings and thoughts of Mr. Douglass. This is a running blog post as I continue to add more photographs and notes, thoughts and emotions. The most lovely experiences of my life as an educator, was coming to this week long event. It has inspired me to explore more that just makeup, fashion and news with this website. It is encouraging me to become more open in my educator side of myself.

Here is another blog post from Yale University on history in the time of Frederick Douglass.

Yours Truly,

Tia (Lioness Stargazer)

Good Morning Lovies….Beauty Guru drama and companies should look at bloggers for the real makeup reviews..

It’s 11am my time. I had a restless night thinking about this trip to Yale, with excitement. Up blogging and posting on social media, and trying to understand why some beauty guru’s are not appreciative of the luxuries they receive. Sit down and listen…..Last night Jackie Aina and Jeffree Star were going at it pretty crazy. He began by calling her a rat and she called him Janice Starr (which I think is quite funny). He should come out with another liquid lipstick called Janice. I said it first. Do you think he will credit me???? Maybe not, lol!!!!

This all began from a video Jackie posted:

This is so unimportant in the grand scope of things. These beauty gurus are making money off of beauty products, going on expensive trips and getting free makeup. Why are they so pressed!! I don’t get it. I need these cosmetics brands to open their eyes. We, true blue bloggers, are the ones who should receive the PR. These gurus are just playing!!!! In my opinion.



Technology issues, Yale Summer 2017, and change.

I am proud to say the school year is finally over. I have been taking a break. Posting more on my Instagram and twitter than here. I was having difficulties with the app. Or, the app was having difficulties and I could not post from it. I love the idea of being more mobile and not having to sit at my MAC and type.

However, I am now back and up and going. I want to say. I am excited that I have been selected to attend an Educator Seminar at Yale University this summer. I am excited. I will post pictures, of course!!! This is an experience of a lifetime as we will explore the writings, thoughts and ideas of Frederick Douglass. The name of the organization is The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. A few years ago I was selected again to attend a seminar at Tulane University.Β β™₯ Happy Sailing and don’t forget to follow me on social media @4373fashionlane