What is New Orleans, to a native New Orleanian?

Katrina changed everything for New Orleans and us natives. I am the remaining native in my immediate family. I have a sister who lives in Gretna. I told my husband that I will never sell my home and leave New Orleans. I am generational.

The Category is…finding love after divorce ♥️

Many people are, during this never-ending pandemic, finding themselves in difficult situations due to relationship trials and tribulations. However, one persistent question for people in failed relationships is: Can you find love again after a messy divorce? For Singer and songwriter, Chante’ Moore, she has been able to accomplish this. Therefore, the next question is…How…

Hurricane Ida Chronicles Pt. 1

Blog: Today I cried to my doctoral professor. That was my first real cry since Hurricane Ida happened, and someone just listened. Thank you God! My professor asked if he could pray with me over the phone. He’s a real one ☝🏽