Frederick Douglass, Yale University, Summer 2017.

As an educator (ELA, History), it was profound and enlightening to know I was selected to attend Yale University this summer to explore the Life and Writings of Frederick Douglass. I have spent a week on campus, exploring, learning and living through the mood, feelings and thoughts of Mr. Douglass. This is a running blog post as I continue to add more photographs and notes, thoughts and emotions. The most lovely experiences of my life as an educator, was coming to this week long event. It has inspired me to explore more that just makeup, fashion and news with this website. It is encouraging me to become more open in my educator side of myself.

Here is another blog post from Yale University on history in the time of Frederick Douglass.

Yours Truly,

Tia (Lioness Stargazer)

Birth of A Nation

A must see film!

Is there controversy? Yes! However, you must leave it all at the front door of the movie house and go watch the film. The Original Birth of a Nation was a milky propaganda version of this film.

There is no comparison, between these two films. They are polar opposites. Believe Me!!!!!

Bravo! Nate! Job well done!





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A fashionable Hero Movie Review: Free State of Jones

Tonight I went to see a movie I was keenly interested in due to my family heritage of growing up in a creole family and learning about our heritage. In New Orleans, you know that if you live in a certain neighborhood you are creole. The 7th ward is that neighborhood. My mothers side of the family the Baziles and my grandfathers side the Uptown Taylors were fair or light complexion people who were proud of their blackness and creole looks. 

The free state of jones, is a movie that is intermixed with color, race, class, civil war and identity. It’s a war of the poor versus the rich, black versus white, black working with white, etc. The movie was well written. The main characters were well played by Matthew McConaughey (Newt Knight), Gugu MBatha- Raw (Rachel),  Mahershala Ali (Moses), Kerri Russell (Serena Knight), Christopher Berry Shane (Jasper, Newt’s close friend), etc. 

What struck me is the fact that I knew absolutely nothing about this renegade robin hood of men and women. These were heros who fought off the Confederate hate loving Mississippi soilders during and after the American civil war. I have downloaded the audible book of the same name to read and get a closer feeling of the story beyond the movie. The next chapter to explore is the aftermath of the lives of these characters after the war ended, but during the period of Jim Crow to now. Vicky Bynum wrote The Free State of Jones

Through research of articles and looking up the family trees of Newt Knight, Rachel, and Serena, you find a tangled web of life. It is a fascinating story. It’s rare that you read, hear of, or see a movie about a white man fighting against other white men so strongly against the civil war, as Newt Knight did. He wasn’t without flaws, but who is! If you haven’t seen this movie, please do so!