Happy 8th Year Lambchop:

  • It’s never a dull day in the world of Lambchop Memories. He was born looking, sounding and acting like a normal 7 pound 9 oz baby 19 inches long. He had jet black straight hair and was pale as I am. I am a special education teacher by career standards and mommie to Wendell, who we affectionationately call Lambchop. My husband rides motorcycles and his bike name was Chop so Lambchop is the baby to big Chop, lol!!
  • My husband and I were married 4 years before we had our first live birth. We miscarried before and I was resigned to adopting when I began going to a fertility doctor. He told me there was nothing wrong with me after several test, lol. Thanks doc. All I needed to do was take some meds he’d prescribed and lose some weight. Easy right!!!! Nope! I was on a teacher’s diet. Candy bars and sodas. We are constantly on the run and I was never one for going home and cooking a good meal back then.
  • What I knew for sure was that I wanted to be a mother one day. I changed my horrible eating habits, and began the process of working on my best body for a baby. It worked! I lost about 25 pounds and was having lots of relations….wink, wink!! Mardi Gras 2009 came and I told my husband that I thought I was pregnant because I was late. I do not remember if he believed me or not. I remember going home and taking a pregnancy test. There were two or three in the box. All of them were positive. I was happy, excited and nervous. I miscarried before and was worried it could happen again. God reminded me of his word and I just remember staying positive throughout my pregnancy.
  • I taught junior high school back then and worked until the last few days of my ninth month. I remember signing off on Thursday, running last-minute baby errands Friday and Saturday, going to church Sunday and by Sunday afternoon, we were on our way to welcoming baby Chop (Lambchop).
    • Next we will discuss the first few month of Lambchop and postpartum!!!


4373fashionlaneΒ β™₯


cropped-img_1186.jpgFeb 15, 2018

  • Postpartum depression is very real. I felt the descriptions of being closed in, needing space and basically suffocating. I did seek counseling and realized as a professional, that I needed someone to talk to. I am so happy, I was able to move from under that cloud.
  • When mothers open up about their experiences navigating the world of Autism, it can be very therapeutic. For me, as a special education teacher, before I was a mom, was not as alarming as one might expect. The one diagnosis I did not honestly, want to hear was mental retardation (outdated term), that former term is now called, Intellectually Disabled – Moderate or ID – Mild. I have seen how kids and family are overwhelmed by the latter. I felt I could honestly handle anything but that.
  • I was further upbeat when I realized my son would be ok, because he has a mom who has the experience in special education as an educator. I had a family member who once stated, “now you will be more helpful to the parents you have.” Some people are very ignorant in their opinions and no matter how many times I say to people, “I advocate for my students and parents I teach,” people will continue to push their own opinions.

Next, Lambchop stops making eye contact, and begins fidgeting……β™₯


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